About my Blog.

I started my Blog in 2009 simply as a hobby. It was first year of Uni, i thought it would be a bit of fun, i have always loved writing and have kept a diary for as long as i can remember.
I have been slowly developing it ever since, i now write on average 3 times a week and for the moment thats the way i like it! I dont want to be annoying people's newsfeed on fb with updates constantly but feel its important to keep it up to date as much as i can.

I love researching for my Blog, its 'ME' time. i can be anywhere? On my laptop in Oxford, at home in my dad's arm chair, on my phone during a long train journey, in an internet cafe, anywhere. After all Variety is the spice of life.

World Domination (fashion-dominates) is a Blog about many things. Mainly Fashion based but i try to encorporate many aspects of my life and others. I like to think i talk about many branches of fashion i.e. High fashion, Streetwear and Vintage clothing... Mix it up and hopefully reach a wider audience.

Art is something i love and whenever i find some interesting Art i always try and blog about it. As Andy Warhol once said 'Art is what you can get away with'. Culture is another interesting subject and part of my uni course so naturally i try and involve this aspect too by adding photo's from around the globe and writing about aspects of various cultures and they way they influence day-to-day life!

I often add in many photographs i have taken myself with my DSLR but use other photos found around the internet, obviously i try and credit them accordingly but sometimes it is difficult when they have been re-blogged so many times.

Ultimately my Blog is full of all the things that Inspire and Influence my life and hopefully other people's lifes too. It could be anything from a pair of shoes to a person to a drawing. I have filled scrapbooks of cut-outs and quotes all my life so this Blog is a way for me to continue with those scrap books online and type instead of using the good old glue stick!

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