Friday, 28 October 2011

Erin meets Zadig

Here are some of the pieces following Erin's interview for Net-a-Porter.

Erin Wasson for Zadig & Voltaire 

Alexa Printed cotton scarf £65

Erina printed cashmere tank £245

Kemy Shearling Coat £1,000

Darkside metallic-striped low-rise skinny jeans £240
(Topshop have brought a silver pair out in their 'party' collection. £50. Yes please.)


Santiag Boot £735

Erin's Favourite

Studded Suede Blazer £810

Taliz Silk Shirt £305

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Erin's Capsule Collection

I just love watching interviews with this lady, here she is talking about her new collection for Zadig & Voltaire. Will post with the items soon after.
I am in love all over again.

Monday, 24 October 2011


Its been my before bed browsing every night for the last few weeks and it's a book that will sit proudly on my bookshelf for a very long time...

They describe it as their book full of what has influenced them in life and what continues on to influence them. Amongst the famous faces are John Galliano, Margherita Missoni, Diane Von Furstenberg  and of course Karl Lagerfeld.
I love the way the book is constructed, full of great photo's including some shot's of the girls looking their absolute best along with interviews and inspirational quotes.

They have build an empire based on branding themselves from the age of three (TV shows, movies, clothing, make-up, you name it they have done it) even through ups and downs they continue to be on top.

It has been five years since they started their label THE ROW and they have extended to a complete range of 'sophisticated essentials'. 

This is the dominant Female.
Well... Females.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Jambo Kenya.

As part of my course at university cultural studies are better understood when experienced and Africa is one of those incredible places that opens your eyes. 

Stories meet Reality, Colours meet Fabric, Swahili meets English.

1 Country, Celebrating 21 years, 4,420 miles covered, 14 friends, 3 more Birthdays, 3 Safari Vehicles, 2 Buses, 1 Hotel and 1 very kind Family...

Welcome to Kenya.  

I questioned whether to post this due to the unfortunate events that have recently incurred in Kenya, one during our trip. Whilst concerning for the families of the ‘kidnapped’ women these happenings don’t fairly represent the country as a whole especially Lamu the island we spent two incredible weeks and should not imbed fear of safety in people’s minds that wish to visit the country in the future.  

After spending 3 nights on safari and experiencing some of the most incredible sights I will ever experience in my life. (Lions mating, 7 lion cubs, a leopard taking an afternoon nap, giraffe’s play fighting, a python swimming through the water, a buffalo stuck in the river and breaking down in the Naivasha valley on the way to catch a bus to Mombasa just to name a few.) We eventually got to Shella, Lamu that a close friend of mine and the host calls home. (Not jealous at all.) Paradise.  

Here are some of my photos of an unforgettable holiday.

The island of Lamu has a subtle Arabian influence; Peponi Hotel is authentic with a bohemian touch, just perfect for relaxing and reflecting. The food is wholesome and full of flavour, the atmosphere is welcoming and staff are always helpful and in high spirits. I am struggling to find a fault although I am no critical travel journalist, just trying to relate what a magical place it is. 

Last year many of the Spring/Summer 11 shows had a very strong African influence with bold patterns/prints and audacious colours, ASOS Africa was a good representation of these gorgeous fabrics that are used everywhere in the continent. Africa is full of influence and ideas, especially for the fashion industry. I read a really interesting article about how fashion in Nairobi is evolving so quickly with the opening of boutiques and new up and coming fashion designers and it is becoming a much bigger industry than it ever has been before.  After visiting a Masai Market where all the beaded jewellery and accessories are made and the difference in price when they are bought there rather than the high street. I couldn’t help but treat myself.

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