Sunday, 24 October 2010


I found this magazine on the shelf in the airport on the way back from Portugal this year. I Fell in LOVE.
Whilst covering my walls trying to hide the dull magnolia walls with magazine cut outs i found the front cover....

Interesting, i know. 
WE ARE DIFFERENT is a magazine about urban fashion and culture. It is published quarterly in English, French and Spanish although is a Paris based magazine and therefore many of the articles refer to French shops, areas and people but this is almost what makes it so fascinating. The magazine has many articles on up and coming artists, fashion designers and has some quirky, new items of clothing (unfortunately the internet is the only way to buy them for us). The best thing about this magazine for me is that range of ideas inside; it doesn't follow mainstream fashion, many of the items photographed in this magazine are very retro and individual, its includes the label insight51 which is an Australian Surfing brand and also one of my favourites. Its nice know whats going on in Paris too from the perspective of some awesome editors. 
NYLON would be the american version and I-D the english or POP. 
I found these AMAZING boots in the last edition of Nylon....The Boots are on my Xmas wish list for sure.

Bold print, leather soled Brogues and boots made by 21 Guatemalan artisans. They are made with a mix of materials from vintage fabric to cloth. They are so cute. I want some!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


I have always been a big fan of internet shopping, since the days of boarding school where shops were limited only to the weekends i discovered the joys of ASOS, Topshop online, Ebay and the rest was history. 
This autumn H&M and Zara have both launched their online shopping websites, both providing a range of stylish women and menswear along with accessories, kids and home. Here comes a few more hours each week trawling through the various outfits i will be adding to my ever long wish list. But finally i get to sit at home and see what new trends both have to offer the high street. BRING ON home shopping.

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