Saturday, 18 December 2010

Have a very Merry Christmas.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...

So another year has gone by and i have been thinking what has ROCKED my WORLD in 2010???

1- Florence and The Machine's album Lungs
2- Ebay
3- Pixie Lott
4- Tim Burtons Adaptation of Alice in Wonderland
5- The Apprentice. Its getting heated!


1-The death of Alexander McQueen and his Final Collection
2- Naomi Campbells Fashion for Relief Charity fashion show at Somerset House
3-Lanvin for H&M- Fantastic Collaboration of Designer/High street
4-Tom Ford Has a phenomenal come-back for Womenswear
5-The Royal Wedding, who will make the dress?


1- Embellished leggings
2- Sequin Dress
3- A Christmas Jumper
4- A Killer Pair of heels
5- Fur Coat.

Be back in the New Year with my expectations of 2011 Love you xxxx

Sunday, 24 October 2010


I found this magazine on the shelf in the airport on the way back from Portugal this year. I Fell in LOVE.
Whilst covering my walls trying to hide the dull magnolia walls with magazine cut outs i found the front cover....

Interesting, i know. 
WE ARE DIFFERENT is a magazine about urban fashion and culture. It is published quarterly in English, French and Spanish although is a Paris based magazine and therefore many of the articles refer to French shops, areas and people but this is almost what makes it so fascinating. The magazine has many articles on up and coming artists, fashion designers and has some quirky, new items of clothing (unfortunately the internet is the only way to buy them for us). The best thing about this magazine for me is that range of ideas inside; it doesn't follow mainstream fashion, many of the items photographed in this magazine are very retro and individual, its includes the label insight51 which is an Australian Surfing brand and also one of my favourites. Its nice know whats going on in Paris too from the perspective of some awesome editors. 
NYLON would be the american version and I-D the english or POP. 
I found these AMAZING boots in the last edition of Nylon....The Boots are on my Xmas wish list for sure.

Bold print, leather soled Brogues and boots made by 21 Guatemalan artisans. They are made with a mix of materials from vintage fabric to cloth. They are so cute. I want some!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


I have always been a big fan of internet shopping, since the days of boarding school where shops were limited only to the weekends i discovered the joys of ASOS, Topshop online, Ebay and the rest was history. 
This autumn H&M and Zara have both launched their online shopping websites, both providing a range of stylish women and menswear along with accessories, kids and home. Here comes a few more hours each week trawling through the various outfits i will be adding to my ever long wish list. But finally i get to sit at home and see what new trends both have to offer the high street. BRING ON home shopping.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Who are you? Who you are.


High street clothes may be seen and worn everywhere but i am a true believer that it is how its worn not what is worn. People snub topshop and say they don't want to be seen in the same clothes as other people but combining one-off's, vintage and self-made with high street brands creates some great looks.

Your style represents who you are depicts parts of your personality. The way a person dresses them-self tells me something about that person and although i am not judgemental and don't judge people on face value i can't help being observant.

A lot of my style ideas come from being observant, often when i am sitting in train stations items of clothing will catch my eye, i will remember them and think if that was mine what i would wear with it.
Knowing what suits your body, what compliments your figure and what conceals your flaws is very important. No-one is perfect and it is all about finding a style that you feel comfortable in.

Use cut-outs from magazines, ideas from people on the streets, movies, television, anything. 

Your eyes will inspire.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

In the SUMMER time when the weather is high.

Animal prints, Moroccan/African themed and DENIM.

Very achievable style, provided nicely by my favorite high-street stores such as Topshop, Zara and H&M. My ideal wardrobe would exist full of inspiration from different cultures; the rich colorful fabrics from India combined with unusual African patterns, London’s great vintage finds and edgy, quirky items from South America.

Animal Prints are risky,they have to be worn very carefully or there is a small chance you can look like A) A Cougar or B) A slut. A darker leopard print conveys a more sophisticated look over the shiny, lighter print. Zebra is tricky to wear but can look great with the correct accessories. I find with animal prints that they can be pulled off as long as you wear the item/outfit, it doesn’t wear you.

 Above Dolce and Gabbana rock the denim look with a lot of washed out and vintage style denim seems to be hitting the stores and i am a big fan of acid wash. Always.
DVF demonstrate the Cultural theme with rich fabrics and international inspired patterns, the colours are bright and the material is effortless, finally we have colour.

This summer is all about floating around in your tie-dyed maxi’s, wearing cargo-pants with the crotch closer to your knees, an African inspired head-dress,
A cutesy floral playsuit, keeping it cool in a nautical bikini and reminding yourself that neutrals are flattering. 

Model Jess Hart rocks this style with effortless poise. She manages to set, follow trends and stay edgy.

It’s the season of festivals (Glasto’s round the corner), holidays (bring on the beach) and most importantly fun in the sun!

Come on the British Weather…!

My Tips for this summer; Keep make-up minimal, paint your nails neutral, wear what looks good on you not the model and walk along the beach like no one is watching.  


Friday, 23 April 2010

Summer days

With the English weather brightening up the UK, It looks like the summer has begun....

Festivals nearing, holidays booked, exams well about to start, things are looking up for our miserable nation. The shops are filled with new summer stock, girls are wandering around in soft florals and fringe, boys i am afraid to say short shorts are back and to top it off the Election is coming up. 


This summer once again sees the taking over of Raybans, Espadrilles and Havianas. I suggest Vonzipper Sunnies and a pair of sandals.


Monday, 8 March 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Whatever with the past has gone,
The best is always yet to come.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Let's Converse....

Converse will once again cover the earth in footprints in 2010. With The Ramones designing their own for the summer, the combination seems to work so well yet the Original All Stars just seem so effortless, they are over 100 years old and continue on to live a legend. 

Friday, 22 January 2010

Thats an earful....

WeSC is a Street-Fashion brand for Intellectual Slackers...

The swedish company is known for its retro street style and these headphones definately hit the mark.


- Type: 40mm Power drivers
- 1kHz Sensitivity: 120 db
- Impedance 33 Ohms
- Frequency range: 20-20,001 Hz
- Plug: Gold plated 3.5 stereo
- Cord: 0.5 + 1.0m extension
- TPE Cord
- Weight: 147g

Did i mention its my birthday soon?

Unsure what make these are, never the less COOL.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Euro Gypo.

My fascination with Gypsies; their lifestyle, their appearance and their general aura.

Not the most desirable people in the world yet a culture that never fails to fixate me. They have always intrigued me, visiting foreign countries with my family they are always hanging off street corner or parked up in their old school van that sleeps about 8 of them.

Summer 2007 some friends and I went to Benicassim Festival in Spain, known for its infamous ‘Gypsy Mile’ – walking to the festival arena from benicamp where old dust beaten tracks, along the sides of the track gypsies gathered to flog their latest inventions consisting of narcotics, their cultural meat delicacy (I don’t even want to know what this consisted of), knock off ciggies and handmade jewellery.

As thousands of partygoers headed down the track they were hounded by them, watching your back and more importantly your possessions was imperative.

As I observed from the beach one day they tend to hang around in gangs, I always saw more boys than girls, they were always smoking green, heavily tattooed and pierced, olive skinned and often very thin. This still doesn’t argue in favour of my fascination with them but as they sat there not bothered by anyone or anything, their extremely close bond that they have with each other and not a worry in the world, I would trade (for a year).

They are harmless unless provoked, irritated or made fun of, which is I suppose is the same as your average Manc.

Gypsies are not highly regarded people in society, usually preferred to be known as ‘travellers’, they don’t pay taxes, are generally poorly educated and have a notorious reputation for stealing, conning and by-passing the law.

When it comes to fashion it appears that they have influenced many designers collections, these three pictures clearly show the influence straight off the catwalks. This is just the glamorized gypsy.

Many people frown upon gypsies but as one of the oldest cultures in the world they do have rights, and remain to keep their tradition alive.

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