Thursday, 24 December 2009

Dubstep/ Drum n Bass/ Electro BOYZ & GALZ attire….

Like most nights out depending on where the crowd is heading, a general attire seems to be apparent, when heading to watch the likes of Fake blood, Andy C, Jack beats, etc the gangs of hedonistic students are dressed in their quirky, individual clothes which usually consist of something like the following;

Firstly High tops of any form/ converse

Funky leggings/tights (sequins, lace, flower patterns)

Highwaisted shorts, acid denim wash, black or a bodycon skirt.

A baggy t-shirt usually ripped/cropped with a quirky picture
or a saying on it the front ‘Run DMC, Mark Bolan, Adidas or Nike SB are some of the favourites mostly collected from charity shops or from around the world on peoples travels (these are always the most enviable.)

Leotards, velvet or lace
Hoodies (american apparel) under a leather, denim or sequined jacket.

Some form of accessory either retro sunglasses or a hat.

Heavily jewelled fingers covered in gold lettered rings or statement flowers.
Earrings are not a necessity but ears covered in studs are!
Necks wrapped with gold chains and necklaces stating their names or the infamous;
'Love or Blondie'
Very Carrie bradshaw-esque.

Hair is either messily tousled, short styled with hair wax, the notorious Alice Dellal one-side shaved or bleached blonde.

Boyz make Noize.

The boys never seem to fail expectations either, I will challenge anyone to count the amount of New Era flat peaks at such nights, the t-shirts tend to be similar to the girls worn with a pair of either fitted black/dark denim jeans or the casual adidas originals trackpants.

The Barbour quilted jacket tends to be a favourite amongst these crowds or a retro shell jacket rooted out from back of a charity shop. Hoodies are also a must. Footwear takes many forms; hi-tops again are popular but more often than not the boys sport shoes that are worn to a tether with the sole peeling off or the colours fading.

These boys care how they dress but don’t care what people think of them.

Watch out girls, they are on the prowl.

This look is not for the faint hearted; it screams

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The All Saints craze....

It’s renowned for its ‘grungy, dark and endearing’ styles and patterns.

It’s that quirky, boyish look that girls seem to indulge in wearing for that extra edge. It belongs on the high street but with prices higher end it means you won’t come across five people that day wearing the same cardigan and trousers.

The customary colours of their clothes seem to rotate around coffee browns and rustic grey/blacks with a splash of colour on their imaginative patterned tees.

The most talked about and worn items are their military boots that they brought out for autumn/winter 09, whether you see people wearing them with thick socks and a pair of tights or the latest ripped skinnies they seem to be everywhere; this winter River Island and Office have brought out their version at a fraction of the price therefore can be seen on every street corner. Whilst wearing them one night I was told by a swaying man at the bar that I should quote ‘join the army wearing those’ and when asked I told him the price, his reply was ‘I could’ a got you a pair of them from the warehouse for a tenner with metal toe caps.’ Although this may have been the designers’ inspiration, he clearly has never been to All Saints.

I always find the sales girls in-store at All saints very pleasant and dressed exceptionally well, they manage to combine the clothes with high street designs and demonstrate that these sometimes-risky items are wearable and look great.

Congrats All Saints you have yet again made the high street ten times more appealing, bring on the Spring/Summer 10 collection….

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